10/26/18 1600 PT -- To protect server resources at this time, the web feeds only allow 100 simultaneous connections. To guarantee access, suggestion is to get your own IPTV account.

New Format as of 7/7/18

At Global Gizmo Watch Party Live, you will find access to not only the 93 combined feeds (as of 8/1/2018) of the PAC-12 Conference [of champions (513+ NCAA titles)], but to other common US based (to start) TV Broadcast networks such as the ESPN family of networks, NFL, Fox Sports family of networks, etc.
  1. Mobile friendly
    1. navigation
    2. video player
      1. Chromecasting (7/10/18 2340 PT)
      2. Cross-device support including Xbox and PS4
  2. Facebook sharing (beginning 7/15/18 2345 PT)
  3. Twitter sharing (beginning 8/9/18 0630 PT)

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